10 WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials for Beginner

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While you are a tutorial seeker, maybe you are looking for the best WordPress plugin development tutorial because you know WordPress plugins bring quicker and easier solution to wrap your site by adding extra features such as breadcrumbs, social engagement, Google Maps, etc. You have options to find out the perfect one by searching one by one. Here you will find 10 WordPress plugin development tutorials to get the full knowledge on plugin development. You don’t have to search further than the best WordPress plugin development tutorial.

Since the WordPress plugin is a set of functions or program you can change some features you like if you are a programmer. If not, you need not to do this. You don’t need to change anything because here suggested best 10 WordPress plugin development tutorials are considering your optimum requirements. So let’s go to the WordPress plugin development tutorials:


1. HONKIAT for WordPress plugin development tutorials

WordPress plugin development tutorials by Hongkiat

Are you a newbie in WordPress plugin development? You need a complete guide to develop a WordPress plugin with referral link of supporting topics. You can try the following link mentioned below. It comes from HongKiat blog posted by Jake Rocheleau.

Don’t forget to read the official records about certain functions and hooks so that can keep you update with WordPress’s changes.

To find out the Tutorial Click Here


2. tuts+ : A Crash-Course in WordPress plugin development


The tutorial is rather almost five years old in fact. It brings tons of worthwhile information, and I know that some people humbly prefer a diverse style to things.  It will teach you how to create a simple wrapper plugin, how to produce and make it live. It’s referred from Tutsplus.com posted by Jeffrey Way.

So let’s go to the tutorial


3. SMASHING: An essential Tutorial for WordPress plugin development


Here you will find a great WordPress plugin development tutorial. May be, already you heard about the famous Smashing Magazine. The site contains only class contents and this beginner’s guide how to develop a WordPress plugin is worth taking.

The tutorial is here.

4. SitePoint: Easy Way to Learn WP Plugin Development


The tutorial from Sitepoint.com by Tim Smith. It’s an easy and quicker way to develop a WordPress plugin as well. You’ll be accustomed with the necessary foundation works for a WordPress plugin that confirms WordPress can identify and make active it, and encompassing the WP_Widget class to generate your own widgets.

Now find it by clicking here.

5. HardCoreWP: How to Develop a Basic WordPress Plugin


To develop a WordPress plugin, it’s essential to have the noteworthy programming skill, but you can start with a very simple WordPress plugin and it is not very hard, if you can get such a tutorial that make it simple. So here is a basic tutorial to develop a WordPress plugin simply. It is from HardcoreWP.com posted by Mike Schinkel.

To get the Tutorial, Jump to the link: http://hardcorewp.com/2012/how-to-write-a-basic-wordpress-plugin/

6. WPEXPlORAR: Step by Step Process


The complex job like WordPress plugin development is very simple when a tutorial is decorated with step by step process. Here you are going to get a very organized tutorial to learn how to develop a small WordPress plugin. It also teaches you some additional topics to be familiar with the widget itself. We are getting it from WEBEXPLORER by Remi.

So find how to create a widget plugin for WordPress from here.

7. Video: Tutorial for WordPress plugin Development


A video can make it simple to learn and develop a WordPress plugin. There are two series of videos those will make you clear, knowledgeable about how to develop a WordPress plugin with your own effort. Watch and develop some plugins for yourself. The videos are created from Tips and Tricks-HQ.




8. WebDesigner: WP Plugin Development from Scratch


This is such a tutorial on WordPress plugin development that has four parts, covering a complete lesson with simple words. You must earn a vast amount of knowledge from these tutorials. It started with basic level to advance. It is from 1st WebDesigner.com and written by Rakhitha Nimesh.

For getting tutorials click here.

9. SlideShare: A Short Tutorial for Developing WP Plugin


It’s an introductory tutorial is for those who want to start learning WP plugins development. For the beginners, it is an ideal tutorial, presented on a few slides with relevant images. It is not elaborate, but concept will be clear. The slides are presented by Christos Zigkolis in SlideShare.net.

Please find it from here.

10. Codex: Writing a Plugin


What do you want to do? It is a WordPress plugin development, isn’t it? So if the tutorial is from WordPress itself, then what is your expectation? Yes, now you are getting a great WordPress plugin development tutorial from its own house. So why are you are waiting? Just click here.

To be a WordPress plugin developer, you have to be familiar with using and customizing it. If you are not, you will have to need the assistance of a developer or need WordPress Plugin Development Tutorials.  People who used to develop WordPress plugin, the above tutorials will enrich him and help to reach the perfection point.


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