5 Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins

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Best WordPress Slider Plugins can provide you a best attention grabbing outlook with displaying multiple images or videos. An Awesome Slider can change your homepage. All of these best free WordPress slider plugins are perfect slider for any site with easy task. Here is a little collection of 5 best free WordPress slider plugins:

1. LenSlider – An Excellent Free Slider Plugin

It is one of the best attractive and free WordPress Slider Plugins. It’s a solid package. Beside Slider creating you can also create feature posts and pages. Just take a look at its feature that can impress you.

len Slider plugins

Top Features of Len Slider:

  1. It has a clean and easy management with AJAX Support.
  2. New Media Uploader Support
  3. YouTube and Vimeo video integration
  4. There are a lot of Skin and Slider Settings like auto rotate delay time.
  5. WordPress latest core usage.
  6. JQUERY/CSS3 Effects
  7. PHP, WP & AJAX Security

2. Meta Slider – Easy Usable WP Slider Plugins

Meta Slider is really a nice easy to use WP plugin that lets you select between four jQuery sliders- Nivo Slider (16 transition effects, four themes, responsive), Flex Slider 2 (two transition effects, responsive, slide carousel mode), Coin Slider (4 transition effects), and fully responsive slides (fade effect only)

Meta Slider plugin

Top Features of Meta Slider:

  1. Animated Layer Slides
  2. Live Theme Editor
  3. Fully Responsive
  4. Intelligent Image Cropping
  5. HTML Overlay Slides
  6. Priority Support
  7. Video Slides
  8. Developer Friendly
  9. Seamless WordPress Integration
  10. Intelligent Image Cropping
  11. Post Feed Slides

3. FlexSlider

FlexSlider is a nice plugin developed by WooThemes is tricky to set up. When you’ve got it up and running it offers a variety of attractive minimalist sliders (carousel, video, basic, slider with navigation and thumbnail). This is another best free worldpress slider plugins.

The catch with the FlexSlider plugin is that when you making change your theme you’ll lose your slider too.

Features of FlexSlider:

  1. Basic Slider
  2. Basic Carousel
  3. Carousel with dynamic min/max ranges
  4. Carousel with min and max ranges
  5. Thumbnail Control Nav pattern
  6. Slider w/thumbnail slider
  7. Video & API (Wistia)
  8. Video & API (Vimeo)

4. WOW Slider: Huge Feature Free WP Slider

WOW Slider is a stunning WordPress slider Plugin with spectacular visual effects and lots of skillfully made templates.
It is packed with an easy point-and-click wizard to make any fantastic image sliders in a matter of seconds without editing image and coding.

It is fully accessible, responsive, pure CSS, touch swipe support, all devices, all browsers, clean, search engine friendly and valid markup. The shortcode feature makes easy to use this any page, post or anywhere you like to add it. You don’t have to face any breeze just copy and paste a shortcode.

The plugin includes properly complete documentation to support if you run into any problems.


Features of WOW Slider:

  1. Fully Responsive
  2. Fully Accessible
  3. All Devices Supported
  4. Search Engine Friendly
  5. Shuffle & Rotate Slideshow HTML
  6. Beautiful Skin
  7. Killer Effects
  8. Touch Swipe Support
  9. GUI Wizard
  10. For Windows and Mac
  11. Pure CSS


5. Smooth Slider: A Dynamic WP Slider Plugin

Smooth Slider is a nice WordPress Slider Plugin for creating your dynamic slideshow for any featured Posts, Media Image, Custom Post Types and Pages on your WordPress site.

Smooth Slider has an image and content slideshow with an easily customizable background & slide intervals can be placed anywhere on the website.

This plugin’s feature includes six transition effects and responsive design. It also supports custom slider, category slider, and recent posts slider. A widget, Shortcode and template tags are included.


Features of Smooth Slider :

  1. Full and Powerful Control
  2. Lots of Options
  3. Image and Content Slider
  4. Supports Responsive Design
  5. 6 transition effects
  6. Search Engine Optimized Slideshow
  7. Able to create your own stylesheet
  8. Can be removed with a single click

The WordPress Slider plugin gives you an easy way to display your text, images, audio and video with eye-catching view. All above Best Free WordPress Slider Plugins are carrying killer effects to attract your visitor. Just pick the best one for you.


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    Nice collection..Avartan slider is also good.I am using it for my site and it is quite functional..

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