Best WordPress Security Plugins to Secure Your WordPress Site

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It’s time to get easy way to do hard work. WordPress is a platform that makes your job easy to handle massive tasks with one hand ever to make it secure just with simple WordPress Security plugins. If you have a WordPress website then you should think about its security first. How to keep your business site or blog secure from the bad guys? Very first make sure you are always using the latest version of WordPress website. Then I like to share with you some helpful WordPress security plugins. Those are the best WordPress Security Plugins, popular, flexible and always keep secure your WordPress blog. You can use any one from these best WordPress security plugins for keeping full secure your WordPress site.

WP-DB-Backup WordPress plugins

It’s a best powerful security plugin for any WordPress blog. The WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to back up your WordPress database, also back up other tables in the same database.


CLEF – A best WordPress security plugin

The CLEF is a perfect WP security plugin for your WordPress site. When you are a Smartphone user and create a profile on your phone. The CLEF generates a digital signature each time when you log into your blog site. This is an excellent plugin to secure your WordPress site.


WordPress File Monitor Plus security plugin

WP File Monitor Plus tracks can easily changes your file system on your blog. If any file added, changed, or removed then it will notify by email address. Could be a useful facilitate in cleaning up when you’ve got to have visitors!



WordPress Security Scan plugin

If you love opening up your house for the big party, then undoubtedly, you can select WordPress Security Scan plugin for full security your house party. This security plugin checks your file and folder to make sure everything that locked.


OpenID WordPress Security plugin

The OpenID plugin permits you to login in your blog using an OpenID for keeping secure your site. Supposing you use online services such as, Yahoo, Google+, Flickr, you obviously already have an OpenID for logging into your profile. If you installed this security plugin, then you can add OpenID accounts in the user section and easily can log using your social accounts.


Wordfence – Free WordPress Security plugin

The Wordfence is the perfect one of the new security plugins from Best WordPress security plugins. If you thought that you affected infection, then can select Wordfence for full security to your site. It will compare the plugin, and WordPress core files with the official version in the WordPress store. If get get any problem then it will send you an email in no time and remove all malware and virus infection.


Authy – A WP Security plugin

The Authy security plugin is the best one from WordPress security plugins. Install it and sign up for an Authy account. The plugin works by texting a token to your phone after you commit to login to your web site. Once you’ve entered the token, you’ll have the successfully login.



There is no way for you without securing your WordPress site and these Best WordPress Security Plugins can make your job easy. Don’t delay a moment to install for the safety of your site. Pick the best WordPress security plugin and step out for your websites’ security.


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