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CCR Featured Posts Widget Released

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WordPress Featured Post Widget Plugin is usually used to optimize blogs on making it the user’s friendly as fit as well. Bloggers or Site owners are getting an opportunity to customize the featured widget without knowing enough over the SEO, CMS or others web configuration on demonstrating of his blogs. As most of the widgets either free or premium is providing their post operative customer service in bringing satisfactory outcomes for the bloggers.

Why you need CCR Featured Posts Widget ?

Using this widget, you can assign the equal categories to all posts that appearing into a specified page, make reliable custom menu for appearance along-with arranging them at the right place by dragging it. Here also find un-imaginary that this widget introducing super connectivity, while setting-up custom CMS configurations that displaying blog posts into the customization of pages with super navigation at all.

This CCR featured post widget would consist with frequently automatic resizing and accuracy of featured images in a post on adjusting the design and layout on blogs. The blog’s featured image displaying into the original page then revealed as a header image to the individual posting that the featured image would be same at the left or right aligned in the post. There are many enriched articles you have to show and organize on the blogs by listing up with highlighting to visualize; the thumbnail of widget would help you on showing as sought for attracting the readers. It’s developed with inclusion of fantastic widget for presentation of your blogged post on the different featured. Here included font awesome icon, post thumbnail support and several starting post-words can display your blog as you like to decorate it.

This CCR Featured Post Widget WordPress Plugin has also been designed by keeping thought that beneficiaries can try to fulfill their requirements and easily customize into the featured post widget. Get advantages on display personal blog post with the categorical automation, displaying featured image as required, and ability to change the number of featured posts as per direction are playing extra-ordinary facility for the bloggers. A new post would automatically publish. In such way, this CCR featured post widget would create differential consequences by their blog highlighting in the unique presentation towards making the reader’s reputation as well.

At a glance – CCR Featured Post Widget

– Post displayed as featured by category
– Features image can be displayed.
– Able to change Number of Featured posts
– Font Awesome Icon
– Post thumbnail supported
– First twenty words of the post will be displayed

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