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CCR Limo Free WordPress Theme v1.1.0 Released

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CCR Limo Free WordPress Theme has been updated as per request by Limos’ users. Several new features added besides fixing some problem with theme option. Hope that, now CCR Limo Free WordPress Theme will work with touching your high demand. Just scroll down and see what’s new in the Limo and get the updated stuffs.

After we released Limo’s WordPress version, in a short time Limo Free WordPress Theme got popularity for its professional look features. We were aware about what’s happening with the Limo. Finally we have got some issue from Limo’s users that should be fixed for better comfort with this popular theme.

We are pleased to inform you that, Already Limo has been Downloaded more than 63,000+ times. And it’s still now rolling restlessly. So, it goes without saying that, we got a huge response from our audience and the support system flooded for seeking basic helps. Some of them were technical issues. That’s the point why we engaged our developers again for Limo.

Check out changes and updates of CCR Limo Free WordPress Theme:

We like to serve our audience with quality products and like to keep out them from troubling with our products. That’s why this update has been performed. Updates included-

1. Menu Setting Included: Users are now allowed to change menu settings as he likes to set it up. You are now more free with Menu customization process than the before. It’s now easy to customize Limo’s Menu setting and build it up to your need.

2. “Contact Form” Updated: We have got some message for “Contact Form” that, the style was missing. Now it has been fixed. So enjoy Limos updated Contact form.

3. Google Map Updated: Now set up process of Google Map is easier than the before. You can set your own location in Google Map without getting any trouble. Just double click on the map when you need to zoom it and set your location smoothly.

4. Updated “About Us” Page: You are now allowed to turn off the “About Us” page from theme option. On/Off option is now included for “About Us” page into the theme option.

5. Theme Option Updated: Limo’s Theme Option is now easier to customize, and it made the process easy building your site what you exactly expect to do.

6. Icons Updated: You will find new icons while working with dashboard. Icons have been updated for better outlook.

7. Complete and Full Documentation: You don’t have to get worried more about Limo Free WordPress Theme. A completed and full descriptive Documentation has been updated is to shake off all kinds of obstacle with the Limo. A complete and full documentation is now ready aiming to solve all questions while setting up the Limo.


CCR Limo Free WordPress Theme Series:

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Please keep in touch with us for latest product and updates. Visit our Free and Premium WordPress Themes  to grab the best one for you.


  • Martin

    hi guys, i cannot seem to find where to add content to the about us page on Limo? any help appreciated. Also where is the documentation?

  • Martin

    Is it possible for me to change the slider background image?

    • Codex Coder

      Of course you can, Check our Documentation.

      • Narender Sharma.

        I did but can’t get any clue ?

  • Athul

    slider autoplay not working…its autoplay working only after a click event on carousel..

  • Deena

    Cannot access Limo theme options. Everything is grayed out.

  • JT

    Hello – I noticed that your Limo template pricing section is skewed, even in the state it is delivered in. How do I Keep the boxes (that contain the ‘Subscribe’ buttons) from elongating when viewing with an I-phone? It seems to narrow AND elongate all the boxes when viewing with a mobile phone – Thank you – JT.

  • how can i make the services tabs clickable and go to another page? and for the disabled section(such as porfolio or about us) how do we remove them from the menu? and many thanks!

  • t b


    This is a great theme but the slider does not seem to display correctly on a mobile. YOu can see what I mean by going to your demo and selecting mobile, the slider does not show the bottom half (instead shows a grey block) – any idea on how to fix this?

  • Qnqouche Qushi

    Please Help me. how can I download Limo theme for free? can someone send the link? thanks in advance 🙂

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