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Top 10 Shopping Cart CMS in 2015

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If you are thinking to go with an eCommerce business or web store, first you will have need a good eCommerce platform or shopping cart Content Management System (CMS) that will be suited for the advanced needs in 2015. Running a web store is not difficult if you select the top shopping cart CMS because the best eCommerce platforms are loaded with all the potential features that you would need to set up your eCommerce business and also help you to display and sell your products in the right manner. To take the most and maximum advantages from your eCommerce business, we have given you the top 10 Shopping Cart CMS in 2015. Let’s take a view on them.

1. PrestaShopShopping Cart CMS

PrestaShop is a feature rich shopping cart CMS for the retailers to build their eCommerce business. It has 310 shopping cart features to help you set up the best eCommerce shop. The sellers who want complete CMS for serving the best services to the customers with good functionality, PrestaShop is exactly for them. This CMS is emerging as the most popular platform for the web store owners for their small, medium or large business because of having different shopping cart oriented features like marketing tools and security, a quick and efficient check out mechanism, powerful catalog management, in-built SEO features, integrated payments and other essential functional options.

2. MagnetoShopping Cart CMS

About 2, 00,000 online shops already have set up with Magneto shopping cart CMS. Undoubtedly, Magneto is trusted and credible to the eCommerce business owners. The CMS of Magneto is created with all options for building a smart shop over the internet. It is a perfect platform for the start-up eCommerce and also best suited for the fast growing eCommerce settlers. It is a favorite eCommerce CMS for the shop holders as it offers highly created customer’s experiences. It is loaded with a numerous number of tools and options to focus on growing your customer exploration. Magneto shopping cart CMS also provides you with a total eCommerce philosophy to satisfy the customer’s needs.

3. ZenCartShopping Cart CMS

ZenCart is much popular for it’s out of the box shopping cart CMS features. It is very easy to install and easy to set up this CMS even without enough knowledge on setting up a web store. Because of having lots of customizations and fine product management online shop owners whatever small, medium or large they get full satisfaction. ZenCart is also hassle free for most of the eCommerce users. This CMS gives more attention on the requirements of business owners and helps to create a professional selling platform across their needs. Thus, it ensures that the first time movers into the domains of web based selling have a non-intimidating eCommerce CMS that they can rely on to get off the blocks quickly.

4. ShopifyShopping Cart CMS

By using Shopify, you will get a hosted store where you can easily sell your products online on a totally customizable shop with lots of features. You can customize your shop as you like if you have a little HTML and CSS knowledge. It is easy now to control your own blog. You can easily track your inventory and goods sold and in stock by this shopping cart CMS. Google analytics option is here. So, analysis your visitors, customers, referrals and many more things. This shopping cart is fully secured and keep in account the various currencies and taxes used by your customers. Shopify used advanced SEO features to help you to rank your site in search engines.

5. OpenCartShopping Cart CMS

OpenCart admin option has a nicely designed user interface to make the process simple of setting your web store in a few minutes. When you begin to use this shopping cart CMS at first, you will get a customizable layout that offers the products lots of breathing room. OpenCart gives you the full control over the shipping features and you can be able to accept coupons. You can use these coupon codes for your present customers to be incentives. This eCommerce CMS is suitable for all business whether it is small, medium or larger web store. The persons who are looking for flexible shopping cart CMS with lots of easy tools, it is best for them.

6. VirtueMartShopping Cart CMS

VirtueMart is a nice Joomla MVC based on eCommerce platform. It is full of many advantages. The principal facilities made the VirtueMart as an over-used shopping cart CMS with the Joomla plugins for increasing the control of products, calculation rules, shipping, coupons and much more features. The installation is much easy as it is placed with a ready-made eCommerce platform. So, just set up and run your shop as you want.

7. Business CatalystShopping Cart CMS

Business Catalyst helps you to set up an ideal web store that would be small to large. After signing up you will be provided with a good hosted eCommerce application that gives you a cooling Content Management System to empower your forums, shopping and jump-start blogs. It is loaded with an easy to realize analytics that allows you to track web shop visitors and customer’s motives. The user interface is plain and short. You will get both business settlement and management by Business Catalyst. It is a rich featured hosted CMS platform that offers you any kind of help over the live chat, email or even the phone.

8. WooCommerceShopping Cart CMS

The best shopping cart or eCommerce CMS or platform for 2015 is WooCommerce. If your site is WordPress based, you can easily display and sell your products by adding WooCommerce. WooCommerce is a very strong and effective plugin or tool with WordPress CMS to manage your web stores. You can add the specific details for the different numbers of your products that your shop has. It comes with a reliably secured checkout method that helps you to satisfy your customers’ needs or orders. You can get a preview of your store’s performance thanks to the built-in analytics. You can also add coupons and gift cards, and manage different types of shipping methods to sell internationally.

9. osCommerceShopping Cart CMS

It is very easy to start selling. Just install, set up a template, display products and start selling. Nothing is as easy as osCommerce for setting up a new eCommerce platform. It comes with all the selling options that a small or medium shop needs to create a virtual shop. You will get also advance functions to approach to bigger shopping cart. Integrated payment gateways, unlimited categories and products, multilingual setup, and cross browser compatibility makes it to be a reliable CMS for all kinds of online shops. osCommerce gives you the future upgrades and support, all are free that ensure you will get a longevity for your virtual shop.

10. osCSSShopping Cart CMS

osCSS is one of the best eCommerce platforms for 2015 based on PHP. It is developed with the eCommerce GPL code. It is freely downloadable and distributable. It is best suited for the current online features as it is used XHTML 1.1 as the mark-up language. You will get the full facilities to display your products and how they will be shipped.

Now, it will be very easy for you to set up a professional eCommerce store if you take any one of the above top 10 shopping cart CMS for challenging the 2015 fears to take out the most benefits from the eCommerce trade.

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