Top 20 Premium WordPress Gallery Plugins 2014

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Here is a little Collection of Top 20  Premium WordPress Gallery Plugins  that will dominate 2014 to upgrade the WordPress websites. If you are aiming to create a photo gallery in an easy way this collection is for you. It makes easier for the designer, customer, and developer to showcase illustrations, photos and images easily on a WordPress image gallery web page when they use a WordPress Gallery Plugin for such kind of job. The WordPress gallery plugins help you to add dynamic effect to images/photo on your favorite websites. Now I like to share with you a list of the Top 20  Premium WordPress Gallery Plugins that will work with any WordPress site to manage photo management at a painless or smooth way. Let’s go ahead start to build your own eye-catching image gallery.

METRO – Grid Portfolio Premium  WordPress Gallery Plugin

The METRO WordPress Grid Portfolio is the best a WordPress Plugin that shows your portfolio in an interactive styling way. If you want to display a single gallery or all galleries in a category, then select it. It’s the best quality with some nice features like custom images, custom link, SoundCloud, Video, Ultimate colors, Metro UI item, and much more.


Key Features:

  • Fully Responsive Layout.
  • Load More Unlimited Items.
  • Video Support Systems.
  • SoundCloud Support Systems.
  • Custom Link Option.
  • Metro UI Item.
  • Include Unlimited Colors.
  • Smart Hover Color Option.
  • Initial and Max Load Number.
  • Simple Drag and Drop Admin Option.
  • Multiple Categories, One Category, One Gallery Display.
  • Light Box with Key Navigation.

Price: $14

Showoff – A Premium  WordPress Gallery Plugin.

As a WordPress user when you are searching for a perfect WordPress plugin to decorate your portfolio gallery, then check Showoff. It is a WordPress Plugin that offering an attractive way to show projects on your web pages.


Highlighted Features:

  • Using Google Fonts.
  • Change Hover, Buttons, Text and Background color.
  • At Least 7 Different Animations.
  • Change Images Displayed.
  • Change Images Spacing.
  • Category Filtering Styles.
  • Fully Responsive Layout.

 Price: $14

Timeline Photo Gallery Plugin

The Timeline Photo Gallery is one of the best product from the collection of Top WordPress Gallery Plugins. It allows you to decorate your photos. You can create different photo gallery and display them in the timeline using this plugin. The timeline is easy to customize and you can select between monthly or yearly timeline modes for your plugin.


Key Features:

  • Include Unlimited Photo Albums.
  • Added Unlimited Timeline.
  • Unlimited Colors Option.
  • Monthly/Yearly Timeline Mode.
  • Image Preview using Lightbox.
  • Works on All Themes, Layout.
  • Customizable systems.

Fully Responsive.

 Price: $14

Smart Photo Gallery WP Plugin

Change local WordPress galleries within Smart Photo Galleries with Full-screen mode and 3D transition effects. More compatible, scalability with all major browsers, retina, responsive and friendly to use. It creates using latest technology like CSS3 and Font Awesome Vector Icons.


Top Features:

  • Responsive Layout.
  • Touch Navigation Supports.
  • Shortcode Generator
  • 60+ More Transition Effect.
  • Use Native WordPress.
  • Unlimited color.
  • Shortcode Generator Built-in.
  • Use FontAwesome Vector Icons.
  • Wonderful Fullscreen and Image Slider.
  • Simple Gallery Albums.
  • Transition Effects.
  • Highly Customizable and Retina Friendly.

 Price: $14

WordPress Flip Wall – Gallery Plugin

The WordPress Flip Wall plugin can used to create a beautiful photo wall with logo or pictures on web pages. It gives you the opportunity with pictures, and picture will flipped on with click on it, then will display additional framework like link, description and much more. This is user-friendly, flexible and simple configure to use.


Top Features list:

  • Design of Shortcode System.
  • Fully Responsive Layout.
  • Included Background Color or Image Support Systems.
  • Support with Custom link.
  • Custom Description.
  • Direction with Flip.
  • Flip Element Ending Color Systems.
  • Custom Ordering.
  • Custom color and box shadow.

 Price: $14

PhotoMosaic Plugin for WordPress site

The PhotoMosaic Gallery Plugin gives you a lot of feature to play with thumbnail display on your WordPress site. Let’s go and check it for your WordPress to adjust thumbnail padding, columns or in a masonry style layout. It will stay absolutely responsive and smoothly adapted into your own WordPress blog.


 Feature List:

  • Works with new Gallery System.
  • Masonry Layout.
  • CSS3 Loading Animations.
  • Widget Support.
  • Include Customizable Width, Padding & Columns.
  • Works your own Lightbox.
  • Fully Responsive

 Price: $15

LoopPress Video Gallery – A best Premium  WordPress Plugin

This is a multi-motive fully highlighted and WordPress unified video gallery plugin. The LoopPress video plugin can be installed on any WordPress portfolio web pages.


Top Features:

  • Arrangement Unlimited Albums/Categories.
  • Stored Video Information in WordPress Database.
  • Users Can Add Videos to web integrate.
  • Masonry Layout with Custom Sizes, and unlimited Styling Capabilities.
  • Multilingual & Random Video.
  • Best Search Feature.
  • Custom Background Style Options.
  • Images Pagination Options.
  • Simple to Integrate with Other WordPress plugins.
  • Allows Video Sorting by category, title, ID, date, random, both DESC and ASC.
  • Include an RSS Feed.

 Price: $15

AD Post Preview WordPress Gallery Plugin

This is a good one from the Top 20 WordPress Gallery Plugins. AD Post Preview Plugin is a perfect one for creating a post preview with few clicks. It includes some different preview type with 20+ effects to web pages. You can create a custom post preview.


Features List:

  • Post, Normal, Modal Preview.
  • More 20+ Effects.
  • Filte and Grid Preview Post.
  • Popup and Lightbox Preview.
  • Widget Support Systems.
  • Responsive Layout.
  • Shortcode With Custom Image Size, Border Radius, Color, Wrap and Overlay etc.
  • Image Effects.
  • Images Source: WordPress, Woo-Commerce, E-Commerce Categories, Customs Post Type and much more.
  • Simply to Configure and Use.

 Price: $15

Video Portal – A WordPress Video Gallery Plugin

WordPress Video Portal Gallery Add-on Plugin allows you to convert your WordPress site to a video portal site like Vimeo, 9gag or YouTube. If you installed it, you have get an optional sign in functionality to handle your web pages.


List of Functionalists:

  • Easy Install Method.
  • Powerful DZS Video Gallery.
  • Works in Fully BuddyPress integrated.
  • Custom Inherits Theme’s style.
  • Provided Five Skins with Skin Generator.
  • Android, iOS, Mobile Ready.
  • Used Retina Ready Components.
  • Facebook Login Components.

 Price: $15

Expand Portfolio – A Responsive WordPress Plugin

Expand Portfolio is an excellent portfolio plugin for WordPress. It’s a Perfect for Photographers, Wedding Portfolio etc. Can be more attractive by using this multi-functional portfolio Plugin to WordPress Blog/Website. It holds Powerful Options panel for portfolio settings. It has an easily customizable plugin option, for this reason you can show your portfolio items in many ways.


Key Features:

  • Responsive Layout.
  • Expand or Collapse Effects.
  • Comments Support Systems.
  • Included Fancybox Pop Up for Image/Videos.
  • Added a Powerful Options panel for portfolio settings.
  • Fully Customizable and with Multi Color Schemes.
  • WordPress 3.8 Adaptable.
  • Included Video, Images, Caption, Description and Ajax Comments Options.


Price: $15

Awesome Media Gallery – A WordPress Plugin

The Awesome Media Gallery plugin offers you to customize a PHP framework for any media sharing community. When you select and installed it, your all visitors will able to share collections of images, photos and videos with other members.


Some Features:

  • Very Easy Installation and Setup Systems.
  • Social Login Features Using Systems.
  • Supports Videos from Vimeo, Vine and YouTube.
  • Animated GIFs working Style.
  • Unlimited custom galleries and user accounts.
  • Every User has their own.
  • Each user has their own pride URL.
  • Include Drag and drop file uploads Systems.
  • Provided by Advertising banner management Systems.
  • Fully Responsive.
  • Using Advanced Stylesheet.
  • Ful Optimized for SEO with.

 Price: $40

Easy Gallery – WordPress Gallery Plugin

Easy Gallery is a perfect and a helpful plugin for WordPress user. So, this plugin will help you to create a simple gallery effect and insert it to your WordPress post or page for user attraction.


Top Features:

  • Easy Installation Method.
  • Upload Gallery.
  • User Friendly.
  • Free Plugin.


Image Store – A Free WordPress Plugin

The Image Store (ImStore) is a photo gallery plugin and store plugin for WordPress with Paypal and Google Checkout sequence. Using it you can add a watermark image or text this plugin with payment notification.

WordPress › Image Store « WordPress Plugins


  • Payment Notification Systems.
  • Paypal Cart sequence.
  • Google checkout sequence.
  • WordPress editable image.
  • Watermark Image or text Function.
  • Images Feature.
  • Image Upload Via a Zip-File.


Go – A Best Responsive Portfolio Plugin for WordPress

The Go Portfolio plugin is the perfect solution for creating portfolio, showcases. If you wish, you can create new custom post types to your existing custom post, blog posts or products post. When you would like to create a portfolio for a complete solution to managing portfolios site, then this product is a useful tool for you. This is a very easy and quick to create stunning portfolios and insert them into your WordPress site using the Admin Panel.


Key Features:

  • Best 4 Default Styles VARIO, FLEX, DELUX, DOOR.
  • Responsive Grid Slider Layout.
  • Unlimited Portfolios Integrated.
  • Customizable Percent Based Grid System.
  • Custom Settings with Optional Responsivity.
  • More Admin Panel with Tons of Options.
  • Include Unlimited Custom Post Types.
  • A Product Showcase with WooCommerce Support.
  • Supported Image (PNG, JPG, GIF).
  • Supported Video (YouTube, Vimeo, Screenr, Metacafe, Dailymotion).
  • Supported Audio (Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Beatport).
  • Leading Import & Export settings Option.
  • 600+ Google Web Font Support.

Price: $22

WP Playlist Video Gallery Plugin

The WordPress Playlist Video Gallery is an open source PHP software that displays a beautiful YouTube video playlist on WordPress website. This plugin helps you to search for videos by Keyword or user name and specific videos file. You can add your favorite videos to your own playlists and display them on your web pages or posts or comments. WP Playlist Video Gallery Plugin is extremely easy to use and only YouTube supported.


Key Features

  • Shortcodes Using Systems.
  • Shortcode Parameters Integrated.
  • Open Source PHP Software.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Videos Searchig Facilities.
  • All Main Browsers Compatibility.
  • All Time Support and Feature Requests.
  • Sorting and Ordering Options.
  • Include Code Optimization.
  • Added Thumbnail Options.

 Price: $17

NACHO Lightbox for WordPress

The NACHO Lightbox is an exclusive WordPress plugin that helps you to decorate your galleries with images and videos. That is directly integrated into the WordPress editor and will work with your older posts. Used shortcode generator for easy customization.


Important Features:

  • Setting Options Panel.
  • Used Shortcode Generator.
  • Responsive Grid Design.
  • Retina Graphics.
  • Keyboard Key Navigation.
  • Visitors Sharing Buttons.
  • Group Lightboxes.
  • jQuery Based Design.

 Price: $14

Grid Carousel Gallery – A Best WordPress Plugin

The Grid Carousel Gallery plugin is a perfect one from Top 20 WordPress Gallery Plugins. This plugin allows you to add a Responsive Grid Carousel Gallery to your post or page via short codes.


 Key Features:

  • Large Image Convert to Small Thumbnail via PHP.
  • Fully Responsive and flexible layout.
  • Retina Ready to Use.
  • Include Multiple and Unlimited Carousel into same Gallery.
  • Backend Live Preview.
  • Adaptable with latest jQuery and WordPress Version.
  • Optional and Delay Slide-show.
  • Optional Lightbox.
  • Add or Edit Chart Without the touch code.
  • Free Future Support.

 Price: $13


Distinctive Backgrounds – A Full Screen BG Slider Plugin for WordPress

The Distinctive Backgrounds Slider Plugin gives you to show an impressive full screen background slideshow into your WordPress web pages. Using this plugin you can build a metal box to add any number of background images to your posts or pages. In this occasion, every visitor feel looks like a unique view.


Top Features:

  • Upload Slides To Each Post.
  • Slider Pagination Support.
  • Control Colors of Buttons Option.
  • Set Slide and Transition Speed Effect.
  • Much More Features are Available Here.

 Price: $15

Justified Image Grid -A Best Gallery Plugin for WordPress

Justified Image Grid WordPress Gallery Plugin is perfect for image ratio. This plugin respects your images and displays them with the original ratio. Justified Image responsive WordPress gallery plugin aligns your thumbnails on a justified grid using jQuery function, like Flickr and Google image search. Create your galleries stage on eye-catching and full unique new way! Replace the standard WordPress galleries as [justified_image_grid] with lots of new features.


Important Features:

  • Automatically align images.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Facebook Authorization Compatibility.
  • Creating Galleries Using by WordPress Native way.
  • Flickr Compatible Photostream.
  • Best Instagram Compatibility.
  • NextGEN Gallery Integration.
  • Custom Link or URL with Video Support Option.
  • Included Collaboration with Premium Lightboxes.
  • Ability to use Multiple Instances Page.

 Price: $29

UberGrid – A Responsive Plugin for WordPress

The UberGrid square responsive Plugin is multipurpose layout. You can use it for portfolios, products, your team, blog posts and many others. All Users can filter their images by categories, and navigate through to several gallery pages or posts. This plugin is very clean, fast loading time and allows you to add a gallery widget.


Key Features:

  • Responsive Design Layout.
  • Create an Automatically Grid Layout.
  • Highly Customizable Demo.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Powerful Built-in Lightbox.
  • Customizable Animation Support
  • CSS3 Animations Effects
  • 600+ Google fonts Using.

 Price: $16

These collection of Top WordPress Gallery Plugins is to provide you a number of plugins that really can give you the expected satisfaction. Pick one of the suited one from these top WordPress gallery plugins and step out to your work, then make your stuffs stunning.


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    I strongly recommend Simplest Gallery plugin for your blog or site, which im using on my site because, it supports multiple addon styles like NextGen but builds on top WordPress standard galleries so it’s simpler, lighter, more stable than many alternatives……

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