Why You Buy Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

Why You Buy Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

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A big mistake do many affiliate marketers. They promote their niche affiliate sites on a single or multipurpose theme. Maybe the theme has a higher quality, a better price and lots of options. Lots of features just increase the loading time of your site. You need just the exact features according to your business.

One theme cannot fit for all sites. You cannot sell the cosmetics from a garment store. To get sales, you have to decorate your store like a cosmetic shop.

Similarly, your site has to reflect the product ideas that you want to affiliate.

The main purpose of the affiliate marketers is to boost up the conversion rate. This only can be reached through a perfect matched affiliate theme.

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And so, we have developed the Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme.

It is ideally designed for the marketers who especially do affiliate programs, like amazon affiliate, CJ, ClickBank, eBay, ShareASale, Rakuten, and all other affiliates. The Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress theme is compatible with all the features for a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Well, let’s see:

The Key Features of Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme   

A nice integration between product reviews and social mediaWhy You Buy Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

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Social media is now the mainstream of your customers. For that, you need a stronger customization between your site and social networks. The Smart Affiliate WordPress Theme has a nice way of fulfilling your that purpose. Write product reviews, publish them on your site and share them on your social profiles.


Do lots of experiments and choose the best one creates more conversion

The conversion depends on the layout of your site. You have to run some experiments with your layouts and pick up the best one that would create more conversion rate. The Smart Affiliate WordPress Theme has lots of options that will help you to create more layouts. Run your campaign on different layouts and set up the one permanently that can create more revenue or conversion.


Mobile optimized

Nowadays about 75% of visitors come from mobile devices. So, without a site optimized for fully mobile, you cannot expect more conversion. Our theme is developed for full compatible with computer screens, tablets, iPhone or all mobile devices that finally will help you to get more conversion.


ShortcodesWhy You Buy Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

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These are the most valuable portions of your article. Right here you can decorate your product review contents as like as you want. You can highlight the key features easily, put the data of some listed products into the comparison table, add the BUY BOX button, and much more shortcodes. The key shortcodes are functioned shortcode, accordion tabs & table, and typography buttons.


Support all browsers

Many mistake that they build their site just for the latest browsers. But, the Smart Affiliate Marketing Theme is made for all browsers from explorer 7 to the latest ones because we know many of the users are still using the old browsers and those users are also your customers.


Multipurpose affiliate site

The big benefit of Smart Affiliate is you can make any kind of niche sites to promote any kind of services or products. All features needed to promote product professionally are added to this theme.


Support all WP updates, affiliate add-ons or plugins

You can integrate any type of WordPress plugins to pump up your functionalities. The theme supports all the latest update of WordPress. And easy to setup with a few clicks.


100% responsive

The Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme is fully responsive and mobile ready. It supports all sized screens. The customers can order the products from any devices viewing your site in full screen.


Search engine optimized theme

We feel the core needs of your SEO in doing affiliate marketing. And SEO is a major part of your revenue. We set up some easy options to combine your onpage SEO easily. You can set up Yoast SEO WordPress or all-in-one SEO WordPress to bring your onpage SEO into a newer level.


Professional looking header sectionWhy You Buy Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme

Demo Download

The header section is combined with top menu bar with social media icons, image/text logo, the place for third party ad, and main menu bar with a search box. Just put your logo, menu, and ad codes into the demo. You can also change them as you need to design your own site.


3 Homepage styles

The Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme has 3 different home pages. You can easily show your product list, tips, and review as you want more preferably. And the styles are very professional, featured, and easily-catchy for the readers to grab the ideas about the promotions of your affiliate products.


5 affiliate product post formats

You can put your promotion contents into 5 different post formats. These are single post review, series post carousel, series post, post with video and post with a gallery.

Single Post Review allows you to publish your product review in the finest methods that will ultimately help to sell your affiliated services. You can also publish the products as the video and gallery posts. Gallery and video will help the visitors to understand the products or services.


Third Party Ad Placement

You can easily integrate your third-party ad into your site. We included demo ads. Just replace your codes into the demo box. Amazon affiliate ads, AdSense ads, or another kind of publisher ads you can use. The ad places are made with the optimal revenue achievement technique and placement.

Demo Download


Blog Page

In blog page, you can write anything about your niche, except product review. You can write about the niche product brands, services, products and other informative articles that will help the customers to know more knowledge about the products.

And all other common features a standard theme supposed to have, have in the Smart Affiliate Marketing WordPress Theme. Wish your rocking affiliate.

KM Shafiq

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